Blue Flower

Rogue traders

A word of warning this business attracts some undesirable characters, no one should ever put you under pressure to agree to works - and a genuine company would never object to giving you a quotation and leaving it just there giving you time to get other quotes and think about it especially as at times a large sum of money is involved at Aarons tree surgery we will give you a quotation the rest is up to you.

Qualifications and insurance - with technology today there should be no excuse for not providing these on demand - please check the person cutting your trees is the one with the qualifications.

Check out traders on review sites and ask yourself if I need to contact this person what details have i got? beware of adverts with no land line number.

 If someone has come to give you a quote they shouldn't be asking questions like what other quotes have you got? or say if you have it done now ill give you a discount, yep fencing, tarmacking and while we are here we will even fix your roof all of this should ring alarm bells with you. If they wont take no for an answer call police on 101 or in an emergency 999, if you believe you have been a victim of an unscrupulous trades person contact your local trading standards as they do compile records but this is dependent on people reporting incidents.

 For peace of mind you can check the Trust A Trader web site, or the Buy With Confidence site, run by the government. Look for images like this...